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TowerMadness 2™ is a 3D tower defense strategy game for iOS and Android, developed by Limbic Software and released on January 23, 2014. TowerMadness 2 has game controller support for a console-like experience.


The objective in TowerMadness 2 is to defend a base filled with a flock of sheep from waves of aliens by destroying the aliens with diverse weapons in the form of towers. UFOs drop invading aliens on landing pads and the waves of enemies make their way to the base to abduct the sheep. Each wave arrives in intervals, or all waves can be sent at once if Invasion Mode is enabled. The goal of each alien is to abduct one sheep. The player destroys the aliens by building towers. Each enemy destroyed provides the player with more in-game coins to build new towers and upgrade existing towers. Once all waves of enemies are destroyed or all sheep have been abducted, the game ends and you earn a certain number of stars and wool.

Stars rate how well a player did on each map based on how many sheep were saved, with the highest being four stars for completing a map with no sheep lost and with Invasion Mode enabled. Without Invasion Mode enabled, the highest possible stars earned are three.

Wool, the in-game currency, is rewarded for completing or failing each map. This can be used to unlock additional towers and tower levels in Xen’s Laboratory, the in-game shop.

There are currently three game modes: Normal, Invasion and Classic. In Normal Mode, there is a set number of enemy waves to destroy and UFOs arrive in intervals. In Invasion Mode, all UFOs are sent as quickly as possible, and the rounds have a bonus of +25% wool. If a player can win without losing any sheep, four stars are rewarded. In Classic Mode, all maps and towers are unlocked.


There are currently four campaigns with ten maps each.

Campaign 1, The First Encounter. This campaign has no environmental effects.

Map Name Number of UFO waves
New Dawn 12
Willow Bend 15
Mill Valley 19
Fairview Field 21
Sheiva’s Garden 26
Huntsman Hills 37
Double Cross 36
Embarcadero 40
Serpentine 43
Roundabout 46

Campaign 2, The Blistering Sun. This campaign is based in the desert and cause towers to overheat as they fire.

Map Name Number of UFO waves
Pharaoh’s Cradle 43
Sizzling Sands 48
Diamond Dunes 51
Wandering Desert 51
Lost Oasis 50
Palm Village 56
Crested Canyon 58
Imanhotep 62
Arroyo 63
Dotson Flats 68

Campaign 3, Winter is Coming. This campaign is based in the winterlands and cause towers to freeze overtime. Tapping the towers unfreezes them. As of version 2.0 towers don't freeze in winter levels.

Map Name Number of UFO waves
Icicle Ravine 51
Snowblind 51
Frigid Creek 62
Flake 63
Daggerfrost 80
The Chilling Fields 80
Frozen Frontier 56
Whirlwind 80
Volcoria 81
Helmy Pass 84

Campaign 4, Worlds Collide. This campaign has a mixture heat and frost environmental effects.

Map Name Number of UFO waves
Cascade 84
Loma Verde 89
Lost Temple 116
Snowmelt 89
Permafrost 94
Lizard Pass 116
Slithering Sands 111
Silica 105
Haven 89
Expedition 90

Characters and Enemies

TowerMadness 2 features two protagonist characters, Bo and Xen, and sixteen different alien enemies with unique abilities and weaknesses.

Character Name Description
Bo The flock’s first line of defense. He will chase away the aliens on the map, but only once per round.
Xen The shopkeeper. He offers players special deals on the latest alien weapon technology. Entering his shop allows the player to purchase new towers and tower levels using wool as currency.
Alien Name Description
Young Grey Vulnerable to every tower.
Adult Grey The larger boss of the Young Grey, and has significantly more health.
Armored Grey (Fire) Highly-resistant to damage from Fire Towers like Mortars, but weak to Energy Towers like Plasmas.
Armored Boss (Fire) Highly-resistant to damage from Fire Towers, but weak to Energy Towers. Bosses also have significantly more health.
Armored Grey (Energy) Highly-resistant to damage from Energy Towers like Plasmas, but weak to Fire Towers like Mortars.
Armored Boss (Energy) Highly-resistant to damage from Energy Towers, but weak to Fire Towers. Bosses also have significantly more health.
Armored Grey (Electro) Highly-resistant to damage from Electric Towers, but weak to Fire Towers like Mortars.
Armored Boss (Electro) Highly-resistant to damage from Electro Towers, but weak to Fire Towers. Bosses have significantly more health.
Spiderbot Faster than the Young Grey.
Spiderbot XL Larger, tougher edition of the Spiderbot series. When threatened, it initiates its defensive program, pulls in its legs, and takes significantly less damage for a short time. This mode requires a cooldown period before it can be enabled again.
Skymaster Grey Uses a hoverpack that allows it to fly over towers.
Master Skymaster Grey The boss of the Skymaster brigade. It’s ship squirts out slimes as it flies over towers.
Slime Splits into smaller slimes when damaged.
Small Slime Created when the normal Slime is damaged.
Demolition Droid Explodes when killed, causing nearby towers to be stunned for a short time.
Supreme Demolition Droid Able to repeatedly stun nearby towers with its pile driver, and is considered harder to kill than the standard Demolition Droid.


TowerMadness 2 features nine types of towers organized in 3 categories, all of which are upgradeable to a max level six.

Energy Towers Description
Plasma Shoots a ball of plasma at enemies. Each shot directs all its damage at a single target.
Railgun Fires a hypersonic projectile at incredible speeds, damaging all enemies along its line of fire.
Shrink All enemies venturing into the forcefield generated by the Shrink tower will be shrunk, causing them to also move more slowly.
Fire Towers Description
Mortar Shoots a high-explosive shell onto enemies and causes damage across a small area.
Missile Shoots explosive missiles at enemies over great distances. The missiles cause damage across a small area.
Flak Designed to attack air enemies. Fires airburst rounds which cause damage over the target area.
Flamer Roasts enemies with a high temperature flame, causing huge damage at short distances.
Electro Towers Description
Stun Gun Repeatedly damages enemies with two electric arcs. Target will sometimes be stunned for a short time.
Tesla Hits nearby enemies with a powerful electric arc that can jump from enemy to enemy. At level 4, the tower can target air units.
Boost Increases damage of nearby towers. Also assists with tower cooling in hot climates. Useful on the desert maps.

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